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SEMA Member Summary

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SEMA Means Safety in Storage

The Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association enters its 50th year in 2017. Building ever closer links with statutory and lead bodies including the HSE, CSCS and RoSPA, SEMA is the British Trade Association of the Storage Equipment Industry and is committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members.

SEMA’s Dagan Hyde to speak at IHMX

On Friday 16th September at 10.00 am, SEMA’s Dagan Hyde will show how competiveness is not just about Price per Pallet on day one. With ROI top of mind, a well-designed racking system built to SEMA Codes of Practice offers longevity so you can access products at the right time, goods remain merchandisable and staff can work in a safe environment.

SEMA’s job is to provide accurate, generic guidance and a structured approach on how to get the best out of your assets by maximising your building’s space to profitable advantage. This is achieved through the design and installation of storage systems that are fit for purpose while preventing damage to items stored and with the utmost respect for the health and safety of personnel.

Three steps to safety

Safe, efficient storage follows a three-step process; design, installation and maintenance and SEMA’s extensive network operates UK-wide.

Full SEMA members

Full membership of SEMA is open to companies who manufacture storage equipment in the UK and supply original equipment. Investing in R & D, each member’s design is required to be third-party assessed and their senior people contibute to SEMA’s technical committee.

SEMA Distributor Companies

SEMA Distributor Companies supply end users with storage systems which meet SEMA standards. Highly distinguishable, their processes have been independently audited on 25 key quality measures (including the use of trained labour and correct storage design) and they have a dated certificate to prove it. Watch a short video at

SEMA Approved Installation Companies

SEMA Approved Installation Companies, or SAICs, are also audited and can show their current certificate. Their installers must be SEIRS registered, of which an appropriate number trained to SEIRS Supervisory level. Watch a demonstration video here

SEIRS trained installers

Over 4000 individual installers have been trained in storage equipment safety, knowledge and skills to SEIRS standards since the scheme was set up in the year 2000 and there are six Category A courses.

SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors

SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors (SARIs) are specifically trained to SEMA standards and must undertake on-going Continuous Professional Development (CPD). When visiting sites, their recommendations on maintenance and repair are based on a traffic light system to indicate timescales for repair.

SEMA Press Releases

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